Admission Requirements

The University College admits students to Level 100, 200 and 300 depending on their level of academic qualifications at the time of application. The minimum requirements for the various levels are:

LEVEL 100 (First Year)

Applicants entering into Level 100 shall be required to have any of the following requirements:

(a) Senior Secondary School (SSSCE) Applicants

Applicants with SSSCE results/certificates shall be required to have passes (A-D) in six (6) subjects comprising three (3) core subjects including Mathematics and English and three (3) elective subjects in relevant areas with an aggregate score of twenty-four (24) or better.

(b) Senior High School (WASSCE) Applicants

The University College admits West African Senior School Certificate Examinations (WASSCE) candidates with an aggregate score of thirty-six (36) or better with six (6) credit passes (A1-C6) in six (6) subjects comprising three (3) core subjects (English, Mathematics, Integrated Science or Social Studies) and three (3) elective subjects (in relevant areas) in their WASSCE results.

(c) GBCE (General Business Certificate Examinations)

Applicants must have 5 passes including English and Business Mathematics to qualify for admission to Level 100.

(d) GCE O’ Level Applicants

Admissions are also made based on the possession of six (6) credit passes (grades 1-6) in the General Certificate of Examinations (GCE) Ordinary Level examinations including English, General Science (or Biology or Agricultural Science/Health Science) and Mathematics and three (3) elective subjects, at least two (2) of which should be business subjects.

(e) Two-Year Non-Tertiary Diploma

Applicants with a two-year non-tertiary diploma in a related field of study including English and Mathematics components will be admitted at Level 100.

(f) Mature Applicants

Applicants with five (5) passes including Mathematics and English in their GCE O’ Level, SSSCE or WASSCE results and are twenty-five (25) years and above at the time of application with three (3) years’ working experience would participate in the College’s Mature Entrance tutorials and pass its examinations in English, Mathematics, Special Paper and General Paper. Successful candidates would be interviewed for final admission.

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